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The Mina Cup will be played in accordance with applicable sections of the IFAB Laws of the Game and FIFA rules. When subject to interpretation of FIFA rules or regulations, the English text applies.


The Mina Cup Tournament Management will include representatives of the CB Football Tournament Organizing Services together with local football stakeholders. The Management will handle any grievances and sanction matters. The decisions of the Management are final and cannot be appealed.


CB Football Tournament Organizing Services.


4.1. All players must be registered through the clubs with the Mina Cup registration process.

4.2. The teams are divided into groups of four teams for the first stage. The selection of teams for each group will be made by the Organisers.

4.3. The order of knock-out fixtures will also be decided with the final group positioning determined according to the points system. 3 points will be awarded for a win, 1 point for a draw and O points for a loss.

4.4. If two or more teams finish with the same number of points, their final group standing will be decided in the following order:

1. Goal difference

2. Highest number of goals scored

3. Results in the match(es) between teams with equal points (head to head)

4. Penalty shoot-out according to the FIFA rules

4.5. All group winners and 2nd places will proceed to the knock-out phase of the tournament.

5. 2023/2024 AGE CATEGORIES

Boys U12- Born 2012 01/01 or later

Boys U13- Born 2011 01/01 or later

Boys U14- Born 2010 01/01 or later

Boys U15- Born 2009 01/01 or later

Boys U16- Born 2008 01/01 or later

Girls U14- Born 2010 01/01 or later

Girls U16- Born 2008 01/01 or later


Boys U12- (9-a-side) 2x15min (5min break)

Boys U13- (11-a-side) 2x15min (5min break)

Boys U14- (11-a-side) 2x15min (5min break)

Boys U15- (11-a-side) 2x20min (5min break)

BoysU16- (11-a-side) 2x20min (5min break)

Girls U14- (7-aside) 2x15mins (5min break)

Girls U16- (11-a-side) 2x20mins (5min break)


7.1 In each 11-a-side match, a maximum of eighteen (18) players may be registered and used. This equates to seven (7) substitutes. For 9-a-side matches, a maximum of sixteen (16) players may be registered and used, equating to seven (7) substitutes.

• A substituted player may be reintroduced during a match. Substitutions can only take place during a break in play (free kick, corner, throw-in).

• All substitutes entering or leaving the field of play, should do so from the teams technical area or at the centre line. The player that will be substituted must leave the field before the new player can enter the field. Substitutions which are not made correctly will be punished with a yellow card.

7.2 It is permitted to use a player from the same club in another team providing he or she meets the age requirement. This player has to be on the participant list of all teams he will play for. The player must also be present during the age control check for each team the player plays for. There is no maximum number of players on the participant list.


8.1 Teams must submit a final team registration list of players and staff a month prior to the start of the tournament. This list will be used for the age control check and any player not listed will be deemed ineligible unless replacing an injured player with proof of injury.

8.2 On top of this final list, all players need to provide the organisation with a copy of their passport/EID and a headshot photo.

8.3 Shirt numbers assigned on the master list must be worn for the duration of the Mina Cup. Any player who is found to be wearing the wrong shirt number will be cautioned. Teams without shirt numbers will not be allowed to play unless the reason is accepted by tournament management.

8.4 3 changes to the registration list can be made until 4 days prior to the tournament.


9.1 The age control will take place at the tournament venue an hour before the first game kicks-off. All players must be in attendance for the age control check. Any player not present will be deemed ineligible to play in the Mina Cup. The team must also have a staff member responsible for age control and they must also attend the check.

9.2 After age control, each player will receive their own personalised lanyard, which will be checked before every game to confirm identity and age.


10.1 Team Sheets & Lanyards

• Each team must submit a team sheet to the Mina Cup administration 10min before every match in the tournament.

• All players MUST be able to identify themselves with their personalized lanyard before the start of each game.

• Only players that are on the team sheet and have their own personalized lanyard are eligible to play in the tournament

• All team officials (maximum 6) have to be indicated with their names on the team list. Only these officials are allowed to be in the technical area. If there are no markings for the technical area; it is considered to be an area of 8 meters along the sideline where the substitutes are located.

• Controls of team list and participant lists will be carried out.

10.2 Player kit

• Teams should identify the colour of their kit in advance and any secondary options available.

• All team shirts must be numbered, and the numbers must correspond to the numbers on the team registration list. Numbers must be on the back of the shirts. Two players may not use the same number

• The Mina Cup will recommend the colour of each team in advance but if the referee decides that one team should change shirts due to similarity to the opposing team’s shirts, the team appearing last in the match schedule has to change.

10.3 Before, during and after the game

• All teams should be ready at the field no later than 10 minutes before kick-off, where their lanyards will be checked by a member of the organizing committee.

• The team manager must make sure that his players are adequately insured. Please note that per IFAB Laws of the Game number 4, the wearing of shin guards by players is mandatory. No player will be allowed to play without shin guards.

• The teams are responsible for their supporters’ and parents’ conduct. Inappropriate supporters’ behaviour or conduct can result in the team’s exclusion from the tournament or future tournaments. If a team’s supporters are found to be contradicting the code of conduct. The team’s management will be given one warning to control their supporters. If the supporters persist the team will be excluded from the tournament and potentially refused entry to future tournaments. The Mina Cup management will communicate only with the team’s coaching staff and not players or supporters.

• The responsible team official (coach) must sign the referee’s match card after the match to confirm the result, red cards and other events during the game.

10.4 Match Balls

All games will be played with an official size 4 (Boys U12) or size 5 (Boys U13-U14- U15-U16, Girls U14-U16) Umbro ball.


• Boys U12 play the 9-a-side format (one goalkeeper and eight outfield players).

• The same rules as in 11-a-side are applicable, note that the offside rule is applicable just as in 11-a-side football.

• The size of the goals will be reduced for the 9-a-side format.


The match officials will be appointed by the Mina Cup Management and will be of an excellent standard with adequate experience. Assistant referees will be used for all games.


13.1 Protests

• Any and all protests must be made in writing and delivered by a responsible official to the Mina Cup Management no later than 90 minutes after the match is finished.

• A protest fee of AED 500 applies which will be refunded should the protest be successful. Only protests that concern the Rules and Regulations of the Mina Cup tournament and ineligible players will be considered. All decisions will be in the best interest of football and may not be appealed.

• The decisions of the referee regarding facts connected with the game are final. (FIFA rule no. 5). No measures will be taken on protests on decisions made by the referee.

13.2 Cautions and Red Card Offenses

• Any player or official given a straight red card is automatically suspended from participation in the following match. Any player or official given two cautions during one match will only receive an automatic one match suspension if this occurs at any stage before the final four.

• Any player or official found engaging in violent conduct, such as physical aggression, fighting, or unsportsmanlike behavior, will be subject to immediate expulsion from the tournament.

• Each team has the responsibility that a suspended player does not participate in a game (or games) where he/she is suspended. Severe offenses will be reported to the FA of the nation concerned.


14.1 Any team not appearing at the appointed time and place for a match can be declared the loser by a score line of 0-3. If a team fails to appear at a second game, they will be excluded from the tournament.

14.2 If an abandoned or no show game effects the outcome of qualification then the management reserves the right to decide on what they feel is the appropriate course of action.

• If a match is interrupted for some reason and can’t be played to the end, the management will decide which of the following action will take place;

• The game has to be replayed

• The game is decided by penalty shoot-out

• The game is restarted from the minute when it was interruptedThe result will be confirmed based on the score at the moment of interruption

IMPORTANT NOTE: If a player that is suspended or ineligible participates in a game, the team in question will see the player suspended and a 0-3 loss will be incurred for the match in question.


15.1 All the playing fields are grass and located at the JA Sports Centre of Excellence.

15.2 Pitch Dimensions

Boys U12 – Pitch 76m x 44m

Boys U13 – Pitch 90m x 58m

Boys U14 – Pitch 90m x 58m

Boys U15 – 95m x 62m

Boys U16 – Pitch 95m x 62m

Girls U14 – 76m x 44m

Girls U16 – 95m x 62m


16.1 The Organising Management has the right to change the groups, times and fields up to a week before the start of the tournament.

16.2 For the full Mina Cup Schedule, contact support@minacup.com


17.1 The team manager, as indicated on the participant list, is responsible for any damage caused by his players.

17.2 Consumption of alcoholic beverages is forbidden for all players. Smoking is prohibited in the hotel rooms.


18.1 By registering to participate in Mina Cup, the registrant (who is the team manager in charge or someone else tasked by the team manager to be in charge) verifies that the team manager to be in charge has been made aware of these stipulations and that the team manager in charge has the necessary authority and permission from the participants, the participants’ guardians and the registered association. Participation in the tournament is at the participants’ own risk and the team manager in charge is responsible for all participants whom the team manager has registered, which should be included in the list of participants.

18.2 The team manager in charge is obligated to ensure that all participants are insured on the pitch. Each participant is responsible for his/her personal insurance off the pitch. Participants from countries that have no medical insurance agreement with the UAE must have personal medical insurance. Neither Mina Cup nor the organizer has collective insurance to cover injuries, illness, theft or or any other losses.

18.3 Neither Mina Cup nor the organizer is responsible for compensation and they are also not responsible for financial losses or damages that may occur due to events outside the control of Mina Cup or the organizer, such as war-like events, fire, flood, pandemics, interruptions in public transport connections, government actions, strike or other similar circumstances


Codes of conduct are important as they set out expected behaviors. They are more than a list of what can and cannot be done; they are a shared set of agreed and acceptable behaviors that help to create and maintain a positive, fun and safe environment for children.

On and off the field, I will lead by example when it comes to good sportsmanship and be a role model for children by:

• Always respecting the rights, dignity and worth of everyone involved in games regardless of their age, race, skin colour, ethnic, national or social origin, gender, disability, language, religion, political or any other opinion, wealth, birth or any other status, sexual orientation or any other reason;

• Sticking to the rules and celebrating the spirit of the game; • • • •Encouraging fair play and high standards of behaviour;

• Never engaging in, or tolerating offensive, insulting or abusive behaviour or language;

• Always being supportive of children’s efforts and valuing more than just winning. When working with children under 18 years old, I will:

• Comply with the child safeguarding policy, and put the well-being, safety and enjoyment of children above everything else;

• Challenge any form of bullying among children;

• Provide meaningful opportunities that empower all children;

• Not humiliate or belittle children or their efforts in a match or training session;

• Not groom or exploit a child for personal or financial gain;

• Not engage in any sexual relationship with any player under 18 years of age, which includes not making sexually suggestive comments to a child