3 Age Groups – 32 Teams
U12 (Born Jan 2009 onwards)
U14 Showcase (Born Jan 2007 onwards)
U16 (Born Jan 2005 onwards)All age groups will have half the teams from the UAE and the other half from overseas.

– U12 / U16 Age groups will play 2 games on Match Day’s 1&2 with a final game on Match Day 3. These teams have an option of a 2nd friendly game on the morning of Match Day 3 too
– U14 Age group will play 2 games on all 3 match days (6 matches in total)
– U12 will be 9-v-9 and play 20 mins per half
– U14 / U16 will be 11-v-11 and play 25 mins per half

– Group winners and runners-up will progress to the Mina Cup / Trophy side of the draw
– The 3rd & 4th placed teams will compete in the Shield / Jug side of the draw
– Match Day 2 will see the knock-out commence and for the U12 / U16 the finalists will be decided
– U14’s will play their final second round games on Match Day 3 to determine who plays each final

Check out the schedule or regulations to find out more.